Providing Electrical and Solar Energy Services to Yuba-Sutter for Over 40 Years.



Hammond Electric is a family owned, local business that has been providing electrical repair and installarion services since the eighties. In recent years we have become experts in solar powered homes and businesses. Contact us if are in the Yuba-Sutter area and are looking for an experienced electrical business offering solar installation.



Gary Hammond started Hammond Electric and quickly gained business throughout the 1980’s. From the start, Hammond Electric had a team of knowledgeable, professional, electricians. Although they were primarily a residential electrical company early, commercial clients always provided a steady base.


In the 90’s Gary and his crew began to reach more commercial clients, mainly by way of apartment complexes. Hammond Electric was known throughout Yuba and Sutter Counties, but primarily in Sutter, California, their home town. You could often find a banner hanging around Sutter High School, the school their children attended and they often sponsor.


Still a steady, trustworthy electrical company, in the early 2000’s Hammond Electric began working as a subcontractor for PG&E. They managed a few telecommunications sites and installed and managed back-up generator systems. Towards the later part of the decade the recession hurt everyone a little, but our outstanding service and decades of building trust with our clients and community kept us alive and well.


Jim Hammond, Gary’s son, has been a part of Hammond Electric his whole life in one way or another. In 2010, Jim took a larger role in the business and that’s when solar energy services were introduced. It was a monumental move for the company and it’s opened a lot of opportunities.


Hammond Electric has over four decades in business and it’s been because of our community. We’ve been able to build a family business that provides for anything we need. We’ve been blessed enough to give back to our community and schools and all though something we enjoy doing. Electric and Solar is what we can provide for our clients. Thank you for trusting us for more than 40 years.